November 22nd, 2011

One year without a car.

This is my bicycle (please don’t steal it), It has been my only form of transportation since November of last year. That was the time my car died and I just couldn’t afford to fix it anymore. I was scared to death of not owning a vehicle, considering I had owned a car in some form or another since I was 16. I came from Fall River, which doesn’t have a good form of public transportation and anything of worth to visit, so as a teenager you have to drive somewhere else. I just wasn’t sure I would last without a car, I mean what would I do for touring and shows?!?!?! I decided to test myself on this one and see if I could go a year.

I love my bicycle, I don’t think I can stress that enough now. I went the full year without buying another car. I don’t mean to tell you that I could afford another car, in all honesty, I was/am dead broke from being in school and not having a solid paying job (shout outs to all the servers out there). I just figured I would invest in a bicycle and see what happens, so I sold my car for scrap metal and with that money bought a bicycle from Bikes Not Bombs (great org, check out the site). After that it was all love, I rode the bike till snow was too heavy on the roads, I know some hardcore cyclists will judge me for that but my tires, even on my mountain bike can’t handle the snow we had that year. I just took buses when I had to and rode when I could.

My family still doesn’t understand why I don’t own a car, I get calls everyday from my mother and vavo (my Portuguese grandma) asking me if I want a car, or when I will get a car, or why I keep riding my bicycle everywhere and how I should stop doing that. My friends back in Fall River don’t really get it either, I can’t say I blame them. I used to have the same thought that if I got rid of my car, I would never be able to get around, which is completely false. so how do I get out of town?

I use the commuter rail whenever possible, and actually I wish they would acquire more rail tracks so I could visit my family and friends back home. I currently take the commuter rail to providence and than hitch a ride. Now I am not saying that cars are bad and everyone should ditch them and ride a bicycle, though that would be awesome I can’t see it happening anytime soon. I just feel the world is congested enough with smog, pollution, and the like that comes from cars, that if we all rode a bicycle to get to the local spots (say within 7 miles) everyone would feel better for it, health wise and within the community. I even have a bike gang of my own that I started with friends (whats up @Ksdiesel and @Lchayner) called Circular Logic (get it?!!?!) we have fun and ride together.

Biking is cost effective (ie no real operating cost), good for the environment (no carbon emissions), and good for your body (no need for a gym when you ride everyday), its just a nice way to live. winter is rough though. My parents are starting to come around to the idea that I don’t want a car, it only took a year.

here is to another year without a car and with alot more fun. Bike Gang 4 life.

(I am the one on the right, my friend @ksdiesel is on the left)

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  • Emoh617

    Touching. Cool story bro.

    • Josh/HW

      you always feel the need to rag on me. why don’t you just not read it. or write something worth reading.